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“That moment,” she told Cath, “when you realize that a guy’s looking at you differently - that you’re taking up more space in his field of vision. That moment when you know he can’t see past you anymore.

— FANGIRL, Rainbow Rowell 

Okay. I just finished the book the other day and as usual, it didn’t disappoint. Cath is such a relatable character. Also, Levi. Levi. Levi. Need I say more? 

Here’s a drawing I did last night - Cath reading her fan fic to Levi. 😊♥

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If I Stay (2014)

3.07 | 4.02

Robb Stark is dead.


Shit just got real.

It’s not hard to own something. Or everything. You just have to know that it’s yours, and then be willing to let it go.
Neil Gaiman, Stardust (via bookmania)

from The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd